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New code module   anshil - 2001-11-11 02:52   -   dtone

The new code I started with is a module and can be checked out from the CVS with the alias 'dt2'. However be warned, this is *very* *very* experimental and not yet much. (Except a client sending a server 1 message each run)
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A slight turn in mission   anshil - 2001-11-10 01:33   -   dtone
Well in the last time I was first a little unsatisfied in how things evolve, and then somewhat uncertain which way to move on. The last weeks (and even months) I've played with my thoughts to separate the compiler, tree management and the backend into three applications speaking via rpc with each other.
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DRpcgen   anshil - 2001-11-09 08:05   -   dtone
I've recently commited drpcgen to the dtone CVS repository.

Drpcgen is a modified version of sun's rpcgen. A meta-compiler reading a .x protocol definition file and generating from this compilable sources which can be used in an application to speak via this protocol between the server and the client.
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signal of life   anshil - 2001-09-25 13:22   -   dtone
Hi people,

Well it has grown a little silent, you wanted to let know the project is still alive :o)
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Holding breath in mourning to the WTC   anshil - 2001-09-11 22:07   -   dtone
Today the whole world was shocked for the news we heared. Also I want to express my teariness for all victims and for all who have moms, dads, kids, partners, friends etc. yet missed.

The whole world holds it's breath and so do I.
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feature freeze   anshil - 2001-09-01 10:26   -   dtone
Dtone is currently going through a small feature freeze. The dtc source code will be cleaned up and revamped a little before new feature are added.
Dtone 0.2.1 released.   anshil - 2001-08-27 11:05   -   dtone
As the version says, this is mainly a bugfix release.

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Dtone 0.2.0 has been released!   anshil - 2001-08-24 14:06   -   dtone
There are quite some improvements and changes since 0.1.0 worth looking at.

from the changelog:
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Constructors   anshil - 2001-08-18 05:47   -   dtone
constructor syntax has changed!
You now write the 'constructor' keyword instead of repeating the class name.
Additonally there is a new experimental feature: allowing $variablename, this specifies _always_ an identifier, so you can reuse keywords, like in example int32 $if; i and $i refer to the same variable.
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paths restructured   anshil - 2001-08-15 08:51   -   dtone

The dtone paths in the CVS tree have been restructed. The Dtone compiler is now called "dtc", and it's position in the tree is "dtone/dtc".
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